Brands We Love: Vera Bradley


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Vera Bradley Blue Bag Brands We Love Chalkboard China

Photo by beketchai

Tell us someone you know that doesn’t love Vera Bradley and we don’t know if we can believe you! You see Vera Bradley’s gorgeously patterned purses, travel gear, book bags and more are everywhere these days…from your trendy co-worker to that girl walking around on campus. And how can you blame them for carrying such a sturdy, adorable bag made by the fab brand, Vera Bradley? We can’t!

Vera Bradley’s quilted and colorful gear is the perfect accessory or gift for any occasion (just like Chalkboard China)! But Vera Bradley isn’t just a favorite of ours, this brand has been featured in and on many TV shows, movies and magazines such as Glee, Modern Family, Redbook, Seventeen and US Weekly, just to name a few.

In addition to time in the spotlight, Vera Bradley also gets a lot of love from many college cheer and dance teams across the country. Schools such as Baylor University (Sic ’em!), TCU, SMU, University of Tennessee, University of Illinois and University of Indiana all use various types of Vera Bradley bags as their daily bags and travel bags.

Not only does Vera Bradley produce sought-after bags, but the brand has such a sweet heart, too. The Vera Bradley Foundation has raised over $15 million since 1998 for the fight against breast cancer. In fact, they have an annual Vera Bradley Classic, which is a woman’s tennis and golf tournament, and this year they raised over $1 million for their cause. How inspiring!

We can’t help but admire Vera Bradley’s products, but we can also truly admire the brand as a whole.

Do you own any Vera Bradley? What’s your favorite piece (or pieces)? Tell us below why you love Vera Bradley so much!

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