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Chalkboard China People We Admire Erin from Apartment 34As a big fan of Apartment 34, we have way more than 34 reasons why we adore this blogger! But before we share our love for this blog, let us introduce you to one of our favorite ladies and her blog:

Back in 2006, Erin Hiemstra moved into her first home, a condo in the sprawling Emerald City of Seattle and decided to start the Apartment 34 blog to document her home renovations.

For Erin, home renovations and home decor are not the only discussions that she covers in her fab blog. She includes everything from food, travel, photography, style and much, much more. Apartment 34 is compiled of her daily inspirations, whether it be a new dress, a new obsession with a summer color or even a great recipe. We also love her weekly “Wear, Where” features as Erin provides inspiration boards for sophistcated, stylish outfits and where exactly to wear them. So fun!

This year, in her interview with Refinery 29, Erin spoke of how her blog evolved into more of a creative inspiration outlet from just home renovations. That’s one thing we love about blogs — the creative possibilities are truly endless, just like the philosophy behind Chalkboard China!

Continuing, Erin stated that “as a blogger, having a mood board is a must. It’s a great way to capture my favorite tearsheets, hues, bits, baubles, and general inspirations that I can refer back to when planning a design project or even just glance at when I get up in the morning.” And thus, Apartment 34 has become a place “where style lives happily ever after!”

Erin’s style, wedding and decor themed blogging has done so well that she has even started helping businesses and individuals with their style. One of our favorite quotes from her about her fashion mantra is to “always dress like you’re going to run into your ex,” which is too funny (and too true)!

You can also see Erin featured, quoted, linked to and highlighted on Camille Styles’ blog, Elle Decor,, Daily Candy, Design*Sponge and so many more. If that doesn’t scream “a fabulous blogger,” we don’t know what does!

Are you a frequent reader of Apartment 34 just like us? What’s been your favorite post? Share with us below!

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