People We Admire: Anna Dorfman from Door Sixteen


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people we admire ana door sixteen

(Photo by Anna Dorfman)

We are always looking for inspiration when it comes to home decor and Anna Dorfman, from the chic blog Door Sixteen, has all kinds of eye-catching home inspiration. Not only does Anna have impeccable home decor style, but she also designs book covers, websites and tons of other stuff, which we think is totally cool!

Anna’s blog, Door Sixteen, is mostly about her 121-year-old Victorian home renovations and decor, which can be found in the style-renowned state of New York. And coming from New York, Ana clearly knows her stuff. But Anna’s blog doesn’t just cover home decor, Door Sixteen has a variety of topics ranging from books, to health, to food, to fashion and style. With this handful of topics, it’s no wonder Door Sixteen is one of our faves (as well as many others)!

Anna is a self-proclaimed obsessive and obsesses over cleaning, music and obsessing. Lucky for us, she shares her numerous obsessions with us, whether it is a boho dress, a pretty Essie nail polish or a newfound artist. All of her obsessions lead to a creative style and life blog that we just love to read. So fab!

Door Sixteen has been featured on another one of our favorite places on the Internet, Apartment Therapy. She has also been highlighted in the designing blogs, Design Milk and the SF Girl by Bay, too! Check out why we not only love Door Sixteen so much, but we also are head over heels for Apartment Therapy!

We think it’s safe to say Anna’s unique style resonates with the qualities we love at Chalkboard China — simplicity, class, with a touch of edge.

Have you found inspiration from Anna Dorfman’s Door Sixteen blog? Do you have a favorite post? Share with us in the comments below!

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