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Chalkboard China Loves Apartment Therapy Blog
If we had a nickel for every time we got caught browsing Apartment Therapy…well, you know the rest! Apartment Therapy, a home decor and inspiration superhero that truly “saves the world, one room at a time”, has been a favorite of our designer, Candace Jean, and the entire Chalkboard China team for years.

Not only is this site truly a guiding light into making your home or apartment the place you’ve always envisioned, but Apartment Therapy’s sole mission is to help people make their living space a more beautiful, organized and healthy place and doing so with the amazing connection we have to each other online.

We’d also like to give some major props to the creator of Apartment Therapy, Maxwell Gillingham-Ryan (he’ll be featured on People We Admire, of course). Known as the true “apartment therapist”, he started from the ground up by visiting clients and helping them simplify and de-clutter their homes, transforming said homes into the beautiful places the owners had always dreamed of. So inspiring!
Apartment Therapy talks about everything from reasons why shopping on Etsy is so wonderful (We love it, too!), to decor ideas using materials like cork walls and chalkboards, to even interviews and photo shoots with other interior designers, industry leaders, bloggers and more. You’ll find us surfing (and pinning) almost everything Apartment Therapy presents.

Only a handful of our favorite posts include:

1. Meet Sherry & John Petersik of Young House Love

2. Look! A Chalkboard Turned into a Headboard (Of course we loved this one!)

3. Color Crazy: Ten Vibrant Kitchens to Shake Up Your Style

But, we honestly love them all! Find your favorite posts by getting lost in Apartment Therapy today. (We don’t apologize ahead of time if it becomes your new favorite website…) Don’t forget to sign up for Apartment Therapy’s newsletter, too!

What is your favorite tip or discovery on Apartment Therapy? We’d love to hear about it! Feel free to leave us a comment or let us know on Facebook and Twitter, @chalkboardchina.

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