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Candace Jean

Candace Jean, loves all things heirloom and her current beats are design, entertaining and food & drink.

Before starting Chalkboard China, marketing maven Candace Jean spent years gaining knowledge and expertise in the corporate sales and marketing side of a Fortune 500 company. She also helped her “start-up star” husband, Ben, build a successful interactive ad agency, a testament to her acquired expertise and passion for her profession.

Much of her inspiration for Chalkboard China came from her mother and grandmothers who instilled in her the importance of making others feel loved and welcomed in ones home. A deep Christian faith, southern hospitality and her own modern flair are a few threads you will see woven through everything that is, Candace Jean.

So, with her vast marketing background and her love of entertaining, Candace Jean created her first product line, Chalkboard China. Keeping her customers in mind she has provided a creative outlet to personalize vase, stemware, carafes and more with their own message written in chalk.

Candace continues expressing herself as the creative director and designer of Chalkboard China. Join Candace Jean on the blog as she shows us how to make our lives unique, fun and personalized with Chalkboard China. We are excited to see what other creative products she will bring to market.

Candace Neff Randolph is a graduate Baylor University and currently resides in Southlake, a suburb of Dallas, with her husband and two toddlers. She enjoys traveling to Seaside, Florida; Sorrento, Italy; Nevis, West Indies; and of course Los Angeles and New York.

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