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Chalkboard China Necessary Newsletters List

Checked your email today? More than likely you’ve received a newsletter from various stores you love, a favorite blogger of yours, or that recipe site you signed up for awhile back. Newsletters can be a fantastic source for information on your favorite brands and stores so for this edition of Things We Love, we wanted to share with you the newsletters that are totally worth subscribing to, opening up, and enjoying a great read:


Curated by the beautiful and talented Gwyneth Paltrow, goop is a weekly lifestyle journal that includes recipes, travel guides, fashion, wellness tips, cultural notes and more. With everything from celebrity guest edits, like New Girl‘s Max Greenfield, to crafting the essential Summer Kit, goop can become your go-to guide for the delightful things in life. Subscribe to goop here.

Apartment Therapy

If you know us, then you know the entire Chalkboard China team loves some Apartment Therapy! We have to agree that Apartment Therapy “saves the world, one room at a time” with everything from fab ideas for your apartment, interviews with top designers, decorators, celebs, industry leaders and bloggers from around the world, and so much more. We promise you’ll love receiving this newsletter in your inbox just as much as you love surfing Pinterest. Plus, you may discover your new summer project! Subscribe to Apartment Therapy here.

Daily Worth

For an inspirational boost, Daily Worth is definitely the newsletter for you. Daily Worth is a community of women who talk all about money. You’ll receive practical tips, empowering ideas, and “the occasional kick in the pants…” to your inbox every day from Daily Worth. And that’s not all, Daily Worth has been featured in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Forbes, Inc., Tech Crunch and TIME proving it’s a newsletter you won’t want to miss out on. You can subscribe to Daily Worth here.

Ellen DeGeneres

When one of our favorite TV hosts mixes her quirky and creativeness with a weekly email newsletter, you know it’s totally going to be a worthwhile read! Ellen’s newsletter serves as an announcement list bringing you the latest and greatest news about Ellen DeGeneres, her TV show, and exclusive behind the scenes info you won’t find anywhere else. Subscribe to Ellen’s newsletter here.


Another fave of ours, Anthropologie is the store that you know and love for gorgeous garments, chic accessories, essential home decor and more. While their newsletters showcase what the store has to offer, we adore the artistic appeal to each one that hits our inbox. Hey, the newsletter design has even earned the store some awards! Subscribe to Anthropologie’s newsletter here. (Scroll to the bottom and you’ll see it on the right hand side!)

We hope this guide helps you discover your new favorite newsletter! Do you want to receive newsletters from Chalkboard China? We promise they’re fun (plus, we offer exclusive information and deals only to our subscribers)! Sign up right here on the blog in the column directly to the right.

What newsletters do you love? Did we miss any of your favorites? Drop us a line and recommend us some new reads in the comments below!

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