Brands We Love: Coco+Kelley



If you’re in need of an outfit or host idea, you can go to coco+kelley to get last-minute fashion, recipe and decor inspiration all in one place! Curated by editor Cassandra Lavalle, coco+kelley has become one of the leading lifestyle blogs and our Chalkboard China team frequently gets lost in the endless photos of clothing and decor.

What makes this all-in-one blog different from the rest is Cassandra’s eye for the next big trend and her ability to push the boundaries of design and fashion. The coco+kelley blog is an extension of her classic style with a daring twist. A few of our favorite posts are:


  1. Cooking for a Crowd: Sesame Tomato Jam – What’s better than a quick, homemade jam to serve to your party guests?
  2. Inside the Home of Brian Paquette – It’s rare that you get the opportunity to venture inside the home of a talented interior designer, so soak it up!
  3. Shop the Palette: Lapis + Olive – We love that it shows how to use the daring color combo in all areas of life!

It seems that we aren’t the only ones to take notice either, the blog has been recognized by industry greats, such as Martha Stewart, House Beautiful and Lucky Magazine! Coco+kelley also offers to share their success and help other emerging brands by offering branding and merchandising service.

If you’re looking for a blog with hours of fashion, party and decor ideas, coco+kelley is the blog for you! What’s your favorite post from this fabulous blog? Tweet your favorite to us at @ChalkboardChina!