5 Tools to Create the Best Chalkboard Art


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Ever wonder how to get those amazing pieces of chalk art? There are so many options on the market today that allow you to create almost any type of art. We’ve done the research to help you create your own magnificent work of permanent and non-permanent chalk art.


  1. Colored pencil – This common item can easily be used to color your chalkboard surfaces! According to The Shabby Nest, these look more like actual chalk than chalkboard pens while still giving you the control of a small tip. As opposed to chalkboard pens, these look more like actual chalk as well. This method is also a permanent solution, so be sure to plan your piece ahead!
  2. Chalk PencilJones Design Company decided to try this great idea! Not only is this method great for a smudge-free option, the small tip gives you the best control when drawing small details and thin lines. These pencils are widely used for sewing, but they provide a great permanent option for your chalkboard artwork.
  3. Mechanical Chalk Pencil – This tool is also meant for use with sewing, but according to Jones Design Company, it can be wiped away with a dry cloth. The major benefit of this method is that it gives you the classic chalk look, but it can create the fine lines that are required in more detailed drawings.
  4. Chalk Marker – If you want more of a bold and smooth look that won’t smudge, this is the option for you. Be weary that this is a permanent option and cannot be wiped off. So, if you want to turn your Chalkboard China into a permanent piece if art, this is one of the best options for you.
  5. Chalk – This is obviously, our favorite! To us, nothing beats the look of old fashioned chalk. Though it may be hard to get a fine point, you can create that often replicated, never quite duplicated classic chalkboard look.

Chalkboard art isn’t just about chalk anymore, but we recommend using the special chalk that comes with your Chalkboard China pieces!

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