People We Admire: Anna from In Honor of Design


Anna from In Honor Of Design Blog People We Admire Another inspiring woman who can truly do it all, Anna Liesemeyer is the creative mind behind In Honor of Design (or IHOD for short), a fashion/lifestyle blog. And being big fans for years, we admire Anna not only for her incredibly sharp fashion sense and her brilliantly-simple DIY projects, but for her ability to balance all the roles she’s been given.

Anna has so many hats to wear which we are in awe of her ability to keep it all together. She’s a blogger, designer, businesswoman, wife and mother, but this woman isn’t disillusioned about her own limits. She admits to being overwhelmed at times and kicks the idea of “Supermom” to the curb in a blunt post that many women can relate to and learn from. She calls herself a mother first and everything else second, but that doesn’t mean she’s not a force to be reckoned with!

Anna graduated with a BFA art studio degree with a graphic design specialty. (Too cool!) Since then, she’s been making a name for herself in the creative world. She’s collected experience doing art instruction, web design, design direction as well as product and design development.

On her own, she’s done freelance work such as developing brand identities, designing magazine layouts and working as an Art Director on various projects and much, much more.

Anna’s honest and humble writing style allows her readers to connect with her and it’s clear they don’t feel shy about sharing their own stories in the comments section. In Honor of Design has created a peaceful place for Anna to organize her thoughts, inspirations and aspirations. The beauty of it is that her readers feel safe enough to do the same. In Honor of Design is such a success because the woman writing it doesn’t try to be anyone other than herself. Now that’s someone we can truly admire!

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