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Chalkboard China Made Movement American-made Brands

Nothing hits us closer to home than American-made products. And Chalkboard China is proud to design, make and ship our products right here in the good ol’ U.S.A. But we aren’t the only ones — there are other chic, fantastic brands and products that have led the charge to keep their businesses located under the stars and stripes. And while we love buying American-made, it can sometimes be hard to find these products…that is until now!

Let us introduce you to Made Movement. Made Movement is a marketing agency that is dedicated to supporting a resurgence in American manufacturing and does so in two different ways, with Made Movement and Made Collection. Made Movement helps launch brands that make USA-based products through strategic marketing methods while Made Collection curates online shops that host only premium American-made products. So with Made Movement, you’re sticking strictly American. Too cool!

And if you’re a fellow supporter of buying USA-made products, stopping by and shopping Made Collection is simple. All you have to do is sign up (which is completely free and painless) and you have an all-access pass to unique collections filled exclusively with products made in America. Made Collection even takes it a step further and charts your economic impact with each purchase. They’ll let you know where the product is from, how many employees you’re helping and how each dollar spent turns into a spark or “boom point” toward the economy.

The latest shop on Made Collection is Back To School and will only be available through September 12, so don’t waste any time! Here are some of our favorite items:

Original Wrap

Perfect for all our back-to-schoolers, Wrap-N-Mat brings us the Original Wrap to protect and store the classic PBJ, turkey or roast beef sandwich. Available in three adorable patterns, no lunchbox will be complete unless it’s got the protective layer of the Wrap-N-Mat Original Wrap (the idea is ingenious)!


There’s nothing quite like form and function working hand in hand. This stylish desk blew us away with its simplicity. The fact that it’s able to be chic, stylish and strong (it can hold up to 400 lbs) all while being made of cardboard truly makes it one of a kind. P.S. No tools are required for assembly!

Travertine Book Strap Folder

We are in love with this throwback to Ivy League academia. Nothing says classy and educated like leather bound books and notes. You might find yourself attending class just to show it off.  What if your school days are far behind you? Well, there’s no reason it couldn’t hold your work schedule or your favorite take-out menus!

We’re also excited to share that you can find our Chalkboard China Rectangle Vase in Made Movement’s Back To School Collection. We love the entire concept of Made Movement and find it a privilege to be one of the first 50 product lines to be featured. What a great way to welcome back the new school year!

What are your faves in the Made Collection Back To School shop? Share with us below!

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