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As you may know, the Chalkboard China team is amongst the millions of users pinning their little hearts out on the world’s favorite new site, Pinterest. But, before Pinterest was ever created, we think we discovered the original version. “Where?” You might be asking yourself this very question. Well, the Dublin- born, vivacious Slim Paley has a lifestyle blog that is everything that reminds us of Pinterest and more! Her blog is a quirky and humorous inspiration board that always keeps us coming back for more.

Slim Paley started her blog because she was looking for a new and creative outlet in her life. Some friends suggested she start blogging and though we aren’t sure which friends to thank, we admire everything about Slim Paley and what her blog has become!

Our designer, Candace Jean, has Paley’s blog on the top of her “Favorite Blog Reads” list. She feels it is truly a place where you can go and gather some ideas for the day. Another thing our designer loves it that Paley has a fun sense of humor about herself while still sounding professional. This has let Paley’s blog become an authority on design, inspiration, travel and dare we say…tons of fun!

Paley effortlessly takes colors and patterns and shows their beauty in everything from clothing and flowers to furniture and food. Best of all, she does so with cheery humor, fun music, and inspiring quotes that leave us feeling a little bit better about the day. (And how can you NOT laugh when Cat Stevens is following you as you scroll down the page?) Not only is she a talented blogger, but a fab photographer, too! We could browse through the photos she posts about her exciting travels all day and she keeps it exciting by posting on so many different subjects.

Be sure to stop by her blog for a worthwhile pick-me-up during your day and connect with Paley on Pinterest and Facebook!

Who has inspired you lately? We’d to love to hear! Share with us in the comments below or show us on Pinterest by tagging us in a comment – @Chalkboard China!

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