In The Studio: Incorporate Chalkboard China into Summer Birthdays


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Chalkboard China Birthday Gifts Unique

What’s so fun about summer birthdays? Most friends and families are able to attend a birthday get-together, especially because the kids are out of school. Summertime favorites, like the pool or back porch, are great gathering spots to cool off and hang out. No matter if it’s your birthday party or your BFF’s, let Chalkboard China help you make any summer birthday a bit more special!

1. What’s on the menu?

At a birthday party, of course there’s going to be yummy eats! Whether it’s a Texas style outdoor BBQ or a more sophisticated dinner party, you’ll want to showcase the menu so all guests know what mouth watering treats you have in store. Using a Chalkboard China Charger or a Chalkboard China 10″ Plate (depending on menu size), write the menu on the plate and prop it up with a plate stand. The plate can be set in the kitchen near the food or as the guests’ walk in to the party.

Another idea for our chargers and plates? Prop them up and let guests’ write on birthday wishes for the birthday girl as soon as they enter the party! It’ll be a memorable birthday keepsake for her for years to come.

2. Cupcakes galore!

Instead of a cake, why not celebrate with those delicious, moist morsels we call cupcakes? If you’d like to have three or four different flavors for guests to choose from, use a Chalkboard China Daisy Vase to distinguish which flavor is which. Line up cupcakes on a table by flavor, place a Daisy Vase at the top of the line and chalk on the names of the cupcakes, like “Chocolate Marble” or “Fantastic Fudge.” Then, guests know which cupcakes are which and can pick the sweet treat that best suits their taste buds. So fun!

3. The personalized gift.

One thing we love about our Chalkboard China products is they’re SO personal! You can truly write whatever you want on a Chalkboard China Vase or a Chalkboard China Wine Glass and give to a friend as a gift. For a distinctive, special gift, chalk a sweet message on a Chalkboard China Large Vase full of the birthday girl’s favorite blooms. Or pair four Chalkboard China Champagne Glasses with her favorite bottle of champagne to celebrate. Is the birthday girl an artist? Use a Chalkboard China Rectangle Vase to fill up with paint brushes, artist pens and more. You can really get creative with it!

4. Can’t forget the cocktails!

If the birthday girl wishes to have a fun cocktail hour to celebrate her special day, use Chalkboard China Wine Glasses, Champagne Glasses, Martini Glasses or Margarita Glasses to accompany the decor. Not only will guests skip the confusion and always know which glass is theirs, but you can use the glasses as unforgettable party favors for guests to take home. Check out our blog full of recipes for fun summer sips to serve at a summer birthday!

As you can tell, the birthday possibilities are endless with Chalkboard China. Whether you’d rather use our product as a thoughtful gift for the birthday girl’s big day or as fun party decor, let your imagination run wild with Chalkboard China. Plus, we know you’ll become the most gabbed about gift giver because Chalkboard China isn’t the traditional gift card or bottle of wine that you always see. It’s something truly unique!

What is the best birthday present that you’ve ever received? Share with us below!

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