Wine Glass


Chalkboard China White Wine Glass

12oz White Wine Glass

Wine lovers, give your glass a nametag on the goblet’s slate-finished base while enjoying and exploring the world’s finest wines.

Quote of the day: “Wine charms are so last year. Isn’t it time to let your guests get creative when claiming their stemware? Now you can with Chalkboard China. The base of these sleek, chic glasses is finished with chalk-friendly slate so each person can label his or her own glass. Personalize and customize your goblets for every occasion. I, for one, always struggled with wine charms. I could never remember which charm was mine, especially as the evening — or afternoon — wore on. Since exclusively using Chalkboard China at our frequent soirees, we have no more mix ups! I can always identify my beverage with my glass clearly labeled “ELB only!”

– Eric L. Brown, Certified Court of Master Sommeliers, Lot18

a note from Candace Jean: Be the most “happening hostess” by offering your guests a glass like this – how fun to write your name right on the glass, no more wine charms – what a conversation starter – you will want this glass to pair with your red wine glass so your guests have an option of stemware – different glass sizes are good for different types of wine – Trends in entertaining are showing that we all want any reason to gather our friends together, meet our neighbors – lets skip that expensive dinner out and have some fun in our own home. Our multipurpose glass is multipurpose because it is just the right size for that crisp chardonnay, that chocolate custard or even a candle votive.