Chalkboard China Honeysuckle

the Pantone 2011 color of the year, a perfect pink

Chalkboard China products available in Honeysuckle: Daisy Vase, Cylinder Vase, Rectangle Vase, Charger,Wine Glass and our Candles collection

Quote of the day: “We’re tickled pink by Chalkboard China’s new COLORS collection, featuring chalk-friendly, slate-finished products in Pantone’s Color of The Year, Honeysuckle. A vibrant reddish-pink hue, Honeysuckle is predicted to be the color of choice in runway fashion, decor, and of course, spring and summer 2011 weddings. The new shade is vibrant and fabulous, and designers, wedding planners, and entertainment experts across the industry are excited about Pantone’s choice. Chalkboard China is offering a collection of their slate-finished centerpieces and place settings in the new hue that are perfect for spring and summer weddings. The product line allows brides to personalize their celebration with chalk-friendly surfaces that can be redecorated time and time again. The entire collection is available for purchase on their Chalkboard China Facebook page.”

— Mary Beth Somich, Brides Magazine

a note from Candace Jean: We really pride ourselves in bringing you the most fashion forward, top trending items in the entertaining & gift space – that’s why stocking your home with honeysuckle pink, the Pantone color of the year. This pink is so bright and fun and we all need happy in our lives, don’t we? When I am feeling overwhelmed with life, sometimes I need to throw on my “heirloom pearls”, high heels and pull out my honeysuckle Chalkboard China wine glasses and invite my closest friends over.