Red Wine


Chalkboard China Red Wine Glass

18oz Red Wine Glass

You’ve taken the time to choose the perfect wine and execute the perfect matching steak, don’t lose your glass, give it a nametag on the sleek slate finish

Quote of the day: “The best part is, these are not just fun party conversation starters, they’re actually brilliant stemware. The sleek yet weighty base announces itself with its cool chalkboard finish. Medium-weight glass suits any party beverage, be it wine or whatever else you serve, but quality vintages really shine in the bowl. This is refined sipping made fun. ”

-Katy Anderson, Lot18 Gourmet

a note from Candace Jean:

Talk about being the hit of the party, bring a set of these to the hostess. These are our classic red wine glass from our Wine & Cheese collection, a fabulous glass for red wine with is 22 oz bowl. Yum! The slate colored chalk-friendly base makes it so fun for your guests to keep up with who’s glass is who’s. We like to say “Sally need never sip from Susie glass again”! Now one thing we really pride ourselves in is the “chalkability” of our product! It writes on so easy and so clear and wipes off easy too! That reminds me, you are going to get 2 pieces of chalk with each wine glass set you purchase as well as a chalkboard china tag so that you can gift them. My girlfriends and I love a good wine night together after a long day working or a day at home with our toddlers, how fun to spice up your next get together with these fun conversation pieces! In fact its fun to even write conversations starters on the base so that when your guests arrive they will have a little ice breaker to get things started.