Margarita Glass


Chalkboard China Margarita Glass

13oz. | 384ml Margarita Glass

Estoy buscando el partido. Fiesta, forever!
a Chalkboard China signature Margarita designed by our friend, award-winning Cocktail Deeva, Dee Brun

1.5 ounces Patron Tequila
1 ounce Cherry Vodka
2 ounces White Grape Juice
4 fresh cherries
1 Orange wedge

Muddle pitted cherries with tequila and pour into a saker with ice. Add the Vodka and grape juice and shake well. Rim a fab Chalkboard China margarita glass with raw sugar and strain cocktail into it. Squeeze in fresh orange and add crushed ice…Enjoy…Cheers

A little about The Cocktail Deeva, Dee Brun:

Award Winning Author, Libations of Life, A Girls Guide to Life One Cocktail at a Time.
Resident Cocktail’ista on The Steven and Chris show on CBC. Home entertaining columnist Toronto Star  &
Cocktail Chef & Stylist, Menu Development, Home Entertaining Guru, writer, humorist, wife, mother of 4, TV Junkie, shoe-aholic, boarder line George Clooney stalker..hmm what else…

I am old enough to remember making “Mixed Tapes” from the radio…My fave vacation spot is anywhere with a beach bar…and when I grow up I want to be Carrie Bradshaw from Sex in the City and marry George Clooney…IT COULD HAPPEN!

a note from Candace Jean:

It is great to know fun people like Dee Brun, The Cocktail Deeva. Just look at her picture below, you can’t help but want to have fun with her! We love her so much, and are especially grateful that she designed a signature margarita especially for Chalkboard China, and now we are excited to share it with you. You know, I am sure Dee would agree, it is all about a reason to gather your friends together. Lifestyle Entertaining is what we call it, we all want fun entertaining items that are livable that encourage friends and families to gather together and make memories. I will tell you, these margarita glasses are perfect for your next fiesta but can be the home to shrimp cocktail, desserts, candies, nuts, tons of ideas but again the best part of these glasses are the chalk-friendly slate finish remember what I told you earlier “sally need never sip from susies glass again!” These are the glasses that are ready to whisk you off to that vacation while your really enjoy a stay-cation. Chelads are my favorite and I can tell you this glass whisks me away to Playa every time.

Cocktail Deeva Signature Margarita for Chalkboard China
Cocktail Deeva Dee Brun for Chalkboard China