La La Lemonade


Chalkboard China Candle Collection

8 oz Chalk-friendly, hand-poured soy blend
Name Game: Reminiscing of fresh-citrus and sun- filled summer days, designer Candace Jean is reminded of the stories told of her mother Lacretia Jean and a little lemonade stand in Arlington, Texas in the 1960’s. At the age of 7 and in a quest for funds for a shiny new bicycle,

Lacretia Jean set up her first neighborhood stand. After a couple of weeks and the sweet taste of success, she developed a lifetime attitude of “sharing and selling is fun! “

and she began to add other wares to her stand from her collection her own of toys, books, dolls and personally designed homemade goodies. She soon became known by family and friends as simply the “Things for Sale Kid”. In one summer, an insatiable passion for hospitality, sales and serving others became a way of life, passed on through the years and flourishes within Candace Jean today.