Chalkboard China Carafe

1 liter Carafe

ready to revolutionize your secret box wine into your {insert your last name here} family house wine! simply pour it into this fabulous slate carafe and your bargain wine takes on a brand name all it’s own.

Quote of the day: “Warmer temperatures mean outdoor entertaining will soon be on the calendar. Our team is abuzz with clever and fun ideas to enjoy pleasant weather with friends and family. We love the idea of packing a picnic basket and blanket to enjoy an outdoor concert. Chalkboard China’s stemware allows you and your guests to write your name or whatever you like on your glass. No chance of poachers!”

–Designers at Joss&Main

a note from Candace Jean: “If you purchased the stemware, this carafe is a must! Our carafe allows you to write the name of the wine right on the carafe. I will tell you that this is SO perfect for those value wines we have all discovered and enjoy but maybe don’t want to tell our guests about, its an instant “private label”! “Randolph House Wine”. For those of you who don’t drink or serve wine these carafes are a great way to serve and name any beverage. Now that my family has grown and we all have married people from all over the country we have discovered that not everyone like “southern sweet tea” so creating the need for a carafe marked “mimboos sweet tea” and the boring “unsweet tea”. I love, love this carafe and all its options. It is also a great carrier of flowers! How many boring clear florist style vases have you received, time to start the trend of gifting flowers in usable containers. So fun then the recipient will think of you when they use the carafe over and over again!”