Summer Design Trends Part 1: Bright Colors


Being in the design industry, we have to keep up with what’s on trend each season. So, a few members of our fabulous team visited the Dallas Market via Sneak Peek to get the scoop on what we’ll be seeing the rest of 2014.

Bright colors may seem like a trend only appropriate during summer months but based on what our team saw, it might be a year-round trend!

The first showroom we went into just so happened to win an award from houzz, Surya. They had a great selection of brightly-colored fabrics, as well as effortlessly-peppy, patterns.

Surya-Dallas Market Sneak Peek-Chalkboard China

Surya entrance-Dallas Market Sneak Peek-Chalkboard China

Surya rugs-Dallas Market Sneak Peek-Chalkboard China

Another great showroom, J. Mackie & Associates, had everyone in awe at how they were able to pair subtle, modern décor with this bright green wall. They seemed to effortlessly incorporate the bright colors in a sleek and modern way.

J Mackie Associates room-Dallas Market Sneak Peek-Chalkboard China

J Mackie Associates-Dallas Market Sneak Peek-Chalkboard China

Another great item we kept seeing in all the different showrooms was this agate detail. This was a subtle way to incorporate a bright color in your home.

J Mackie Associates lamp-Dallas Market Sneak Peek-Chalkboard China

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Be sure to stay tuned to the Chalkboard China blog for the second part of the series with another great trend!