5 Ways to Have a Happy Holiday with Chalkboard China


happy holiday chalkboard china

This season make your party the most festive on the block! Here are our top five tips to have a happy holiday party with a few of our friends and Chalkboard China!

1. Decorate your home for the holiday season. Ring in the holidays with beautiful, vibrant reds and greens! For a festive display, pair our Evergreen Vase with a Poinsettia flower arrangement. Use a gold ribbon to add an extra pop of color! 

2. Set the table for the feast! No holiday party is complete without a festive meal and a beautifully-decorated table. Use this guide from Coco+Kelley to decorate your table with elegant wintery gold and silver! Our Gingerbread Charger also makes an excellent addition to any holiday meal!

3. Break out the holiday wine! Take your meal to the next level with a festive bowl of wine. Try Camille Styles’ Spiced Winter Wine for a delicious, festive drink. This recipe combines a wintery mix of cinnamon, vanilla and ginger for a spicy twist. Serve this tasty concoction in our chalkable wine glasses for a personal touch!

4. Get creative with your gift-wrapping! One of the best parts of the holiday is gift-giving! Beautifully wrap your gifts using Creature Comforts Real Wood Bow DIY guide. This not only gives your guests a small gift to go home with, but also provides them with a beautifully crafted handmade bow!

5. Accessorize the fireplace mantel. The holiday season means many friends and family will flock to the fireplace for warmth! Decorate the mantel with a festive wreath, such as this one from Bright Bazaar. Complete the look with our Vanilla Chiffon candle to fill the air with the sweet scent of the holidays.

Have a happy holiday and a creative, festive season with Chalkboard China! Don’t forget to thank your happening  hostess with a lovely Chalkboard China gift!