In the Studio: Memorial Day


Chalkboard China Memorial Day

It’s almost Memorial Day and our Chalkboard China team is already planning the menu! There’s no doubt that barbecue will take center stage at this year’s celebration, but if you need some other dish ideas to fulfill your guest’s appetite our team has you covered! View below to see which of these great recipes can be paired up with Chalkboard China to spruce up your table display this Memorial Day.

Refreshments – The temperatures will start to warm up and the best way to combat this is with some old fashioned strawberry limeade! All you have to do is combine lime juice, cold water, sugar and strawberries in a blender on a high setting. As the blender is running, add ice. Finally, pour it into your fabulous Slate Carafe and serve it to all of your guests for a refreshing start to the afternoon. 

Appetizers – An afternoon of celebrating with friends and family won’t be complete without some great hors d’oeuvres. Try these delectable Caprese Salad Kabobs from Taste of Home. You can even turn it into a family affair and have everyone help you make them! On wooden skewers, thread two tomatoes, one cheese ball and two basil leaves. Repeat until the skewer is almost full and place them on a 10-inch Slate Plate with the words “Take One and Enjoy” handwritten on the plate.

Dessert –  Complete the festivities, and your table setting, with a grand finale. The Stars and Stripes Grand Finale Cake that is! The trick to this amazing cake is the festive layers. Once you have the delicious layers or red, white and blue complete, set it on a festive plate. Then layer your Cranberry Charger underneath with a festive message written in chalk.

You can also create a centerpiece with a Chalkboard China Vase and flags for each guest on your list. Just don’t forget what the day is all about: honoring our nation’s heroes!

How will you use Chalkboard China to complete your table setting this holiday? Tell us on Facebook or tweet us at @ChalkboardChina.