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Maria Killam of Colour Me Happy Chalkboard China Industry Expert

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Maria Killam and her blog, Colour Me Happy, have the entire team at Chalkboard China, well, colored with happiness! Maria is an inspiration around the office and her captivating blog shares advice and showcases her sophisticated, yet down to earth, personality all at the same time.

Just in case you’re new to meeting Maria Killam and reading her blog, here’s a little background information on this established interior designer and blogger. Maria is a well-known blogger, decorator, stylist, author and sought after color expert. She’s a leader in our industry and has started her own design firm. In the past, she has worked with household color names such as Benjamin Moore and Pantone. Maria also has a book that tells readers exactly how to choose colors and paints to match their homes and personal tastes (emphasizing on the undertones). On the blog, Maria’s personality and charm shines through her posts, proving that she can take care of business and have fun all at the same time. Talk about someone who can truly do it all!

Not only is she spot on with her advice and expertise in her work and on the blog, but well-known publications and blogs have noticed her, too. The Washington Post, Apartment Therapy and Traci Zeller Designs have all featured Maria and her Colour Me Happy blog for various reasons. (See more reasons why we love Apartment Therapy.)

And it’s clear that Maria knows exactly what she is talking about, which can be seen and read in every post. Colour Me Happy consists of personal musings, anecdotes and thoughts, how tos, interviews with experts in the industry, before and afters, photos of projects and so much more.

It’s difficult for us to choose our favorite posts, but looking back on the ones that have inspired our team, we found these to land in the top 5:

1. What Colour Should You Paint The Closet?

2. Cheap, Yet Happy Wall Art (You’ll see chalkboard featured in this post…our fave!)

3. How to Get a Man to Embrace Pink (This one is informative and cute!)

4. The Best Reason to Paint Old Furniture (We spot our ‘Seaside’ hue in this one and love it.)

5. Interview With Colour Expert: Kate Smith (An interview with Kate Smith of Sensational Color!)

Maria is truly an industry and color leader and a woman to admire. We’re obsessed with color at Chalkboard China, which was apparent when we launched our Colors Collection back in 2010. Maria’s posts on Colour Me Happy were just some of the many pieces to our Colors Collection puzzle when we were deciding on colors to introduce in our line. So we invite you head over to Colour Me Happy today and get lost in Maria’s colorful and exciting world!

Are you a fan of Colour Me Happy? What are some of your favorite topics that Maria has blogged about? Share with us below!

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