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Sneakpeeq Chalkboard China

At Chalkboard China, when we find something that we love, we have to share it with all of our family, friends and fans the minute it’s found! One shop we’ve been digging is one of the coolest, and most interactive, shops we’ve been to. That shop is sneakpeeq.

sneakpeeq isn’t your basic online shop. Since it’s connected to Facebook, you can bring all of your friends along for a day of online shopping that you would otherwise be doing alone. You can find some of the most beautiful things on sneakpeeq that make for special gifts for you, your friends and your family. Items on sneakpeeq consist of accessories, clothing, gourmet foods and home decor.

So, how does it work?

First, you have to allow the app to connect with your Facebook account so you can begin peeqing and sharing your fabulous finds with friends. Once connected, go to the app and you can start your shopping. Then, when you find a product you dig, you click the orange peeq button to see the price. Every peeq from every shopper looking at an item reveals a new price. (So that means the more people peeq, the better the price!) Once you see a price you like, you can buy it. But, you want to be quick when it you buy it, so someone doesn’t get that item you’re yearning for before you do.

Once you click the peeq button, you have 15 seconds to decide if you want to buy it. Anyone new who signs up with sneakpeeq gets an automatic 10 peeqs and will receive 10 new peeq every 24 hours. As you move up in status on the app, you can get more peeqs. If you run out of peeqs, sneakpeeq has fun ways to earn more.

Good news for our fellow brands too, check out what Henry Kim has to say, “Since our launch three months ago, sneakpeeq has already begun to make waves in the social commerce industry giving both large and boutique brands a platform to reach new audiences and create real sales on Facebook,” said Henry Kim, co-founder and President of sneakpeeq, when referring to the new opportunities sneakpeeq can bring for a brand. “We’re at a point where we’re hearing from sneakpeeq fans who want to tell us how much they love the app and what they want to see next, and from brands and designers who want to feature new and exclusive boutiques on sneakpeeq to gain a larger following.”

sneakpeeq is a fun, creative and easy-to-use application that we find ourselves not able to resist when logged into Facebook. We were also so excited to be one of the first 100 brands chosen to be featured on sneakpeeq. It was an honor to be chosen and such a wonderful, rewarding experience to with the team at sneakpeeq. We only see great things happening in the future of this app!

Chalkboard China loves the team at sneakpeeq and is proud to share that we were one of their first 100 brands! Watch for your next chance to shop Chalkboard China on sneakpeeq in November.

Have you used sneakpeeq yet? No? Sign up now and get your ‘peeq’ on!
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