In The Studio: Fern


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Chalkboard China Fern
Come on, jump on our colors train of thought!

Many people have been asking us why we chose Fern as one of our first four colors in our Colors Collection. Well, we think it’s about time we answered that question!

Here’s a little peek into our thoughts about Fern.

Fern’s are a beautiful plants that are very reflective of their earthy, organic roots, and its shows in every one of their teeny tiny leaves.  Our chalk-friendly fern is a lively green that pops when matched with shades of black, white, and gray. But loves to pop with friends paired with Honeysuckle, Mandarin, and Seaside. We wanted to create a green that could be used as a complementary hue with any decorating scheme or could be used as the center of your decorating attention.

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We love green because it reminds us of regeneration, fertility, rebirth and of course, good luck!
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