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Chalkboard China 10-inch PlateCreativity comes from within; express yourself over and over again on our sleek slate canvas. Welcome to our blog! We at Chalkboard China strive to not only be a resource for the latest trends and news in the design, wedding and gift industry, but we also love to expand on the idea of creativity, whatever it might be to you! With this blog, that’s our number one goal: Creativity.

What you can expect to find here:

Things We Love – The design world is incredible, isn’t it? From headbands to hand cream, wood watches to wine glasses, goats milk to gadgets, there are so many amazing people out there that are creating things we love and adore and we want to share those with you.

In The Studio – Here’s your chance to take a peek at behind-the-scenes footage of Chalkboard China!

Shops We Dig – Chalkboard China wouldn’t be where it is today without our fabulous retailers. We’ll be highlighting a shop a week so stay tuned (and find some great new places to shop)!

People We Admire – We admire A LOT of people so check out this section to see who helps fuel our ideas and inspires us in many ways.

Brainstorm Session – We love to share our newest ideas with you and can’t wait to get your feedback during our brainstorm session.

Candace Jean – We love for you to be tapped into our every thought, here is where you will jump into the mind of our designer, Candace Jean

Below are a few words from Chalkboard China’s designer, Candace Jean:

Hello, Candace Jean here! I am so happy to be chatting with all of you, live from our newest home. It is a beautiful day here in Chalkboard China land, Dallas, Texas. As the Founder, creative director and chief designer at Chalkboard China I’d like to personally welcome you to Chalkboard China’s blog and let you know that you are in for a real treat. I can say this to you because I know that we have a super talented team that is so excited to engage with you and help you express your creativity. I would love for you to find this as a place that becomes a constant flow of communication, a flow of ideas, a hub for creativity, for all of you. We know there are so many wonderful, like-minded people out there so we sincerely appreciate and thank you for taking the time to visit the Chalkboard China blog!
Be the most happening hostess on your block,
Candace Jean

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