How to Draw Chalk Art Like a Pro


Chalkboard China- How to Draw Chalk Art Like a Pro

Chalk art is thriving and it seems that everywhere you turn, there’s a new envy-worthy piece of chalk art. Have you ever wondered how to create these amazing works of creativity? If you follow our guide below, you too can create professional-grade pieces on your own Chalkboard China at home:

What you’ll need:

– Your favorite piece of Chalkboard China (For first timers, we suggest starting with our Rectangle Vase with an easy flat surface.)
– White or colored chalk
– Bowl or glass of water
– Dish Rag
– Cotton Swab
– Ruler
– Computer or Sketch pad and pencil


1.  First, use the ruler to measure the dimensions of your Chalkboard China vase. Then, use a computer or freehand the design that you want to draw on the sketchpad. This ensures that you have the design as close to scale as possible.

2. Next, thoroughly clean the product, making sure that you are getting as much residue off as possible. Then, let the surface dry.

3. Using the ruler, measure from the outside of the product to find the center of the surface. We suggest drawing a faint line horizontally, as well as vertically to use as a guide.

4. Before beginning your drawing, dip the chalk in the water to get a cleaner line. The design will look dark at first, but after drying it will brighten up.

5. If there is color in your design, use this colored chalk last. By first drawing in white, you create a better guide to fill in the color later.

6. In My Own Style suggests drawing the border first to be able to see what space you have to work with.  However if you think you will smudge the corners, start with the most centered image in your drawing, then work out from there.

7. If you make a mistake on the drawing at any time, simply use the rag or cotton swab to erase it and let the surface dry to continue.

8.  Finally, clean up any messy edges with a damp cotton swab and let the piece dry. Once it has dried display it with some fresh flowers, or use it as a holder for some small objects around the home.

Try your hand at a more complicated piece and work up to a Daisy Vase or Medium Vase next time! Consider using the final products for a customized party centerpiece, or giving away your works of art as gifts at the next soiree you attend this year.

No need to have expert skills to create professional-grade pieces of chalk art! Using the guide above, you can significantly step up your decor with a little time and Chalkboard China!