Valentine’s Day: Remembering Love Stories from the Past’s Day has Chalkboard China giddy with excitement! We love the ‘Day of Love’ because it’s one of the sweetest holidays of the year and a fun holiday to get creative with decor, crafts and sweet treats.

Valentine’s Day is also the perfect time to reflect on one thing we ALL can love: love stories! Whatever the love story may be, famous or not, they’ve been enjoyed and shared for ages and ages.

Here are some of our favorite love stories from the past and the present:

Romeo & Juliet

This love story is a classic! The original Shakespeare play is a beautiful tale of two passionate people finding love even though they come from completely separate worlds. Although the ending is tragic, the love story between the two is definitely swoon-worthy. (And you can’t say you didn’t enjoy the modern day movie version with Claire Danes and Leonardo Dicaprio!)

Ricky & Lucy

Was I Love Lucy a TV favorite for you and your family? The adorable, sweet and often comical relationship that was portrayed and developed between on-screen and off-screen couple, Lucille Ball (Lucy) and Desi Arnaz (Ricky), is a love story so many people still cherish and remember!

Elizabeth Bennet & Mr. Darcy

Pride & Prejudice is a beautiful love story by Jane Austen that almost every girl has curled up on the couch to read. Much like Romeo & Juliet, Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy come from two different worlds — he is wealthy while she is in a class below him. But, Mr. Darcy finds himself falling deeply in love with the spirited Elizabeth, which results in a heart warming narrative we read again and again!

Edward & Bella

For our Twilight fans, this has to be one of the best modern day love stories out there! The unequivocal love between a vampire and a human is a whirlwind romance that no one can seem to get enough of. A series chock full of romance and suspense, the Twilight Saga truly is a love story with a bite!

Love stories of the past are beautiful to reflect on and whether yours is more like a Romeo & Juliet or closer to an Edward and Bella romance, at Chalkboard China, we love a good love story.

Watch for our “Love Story” contest and wait for yours to be added to this list!

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