In The Studio: National Floral Design Day


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In case you haven’t heard, today is National Floral Design Day! A fresh bouquet of your favorite flowers can be the perfect pick-me-up, decor addition or simple treat to enjoy on any given day. As our happening hostesses know, a joyful arrangement of flowers can also be a way to welcome guests into your home. And with spring bringing us Easter, Mother’s Day, spring weddings, birthday parties, and baby showers, a celebration of beautifully arranged flowers could be a meaningful gift!


Tulips are beautiful flowers to create a single flower arrangement. And as we’re slowly transitioning from winter to spring, these beautiful blooms are available in large supply around this time of year. Tulips, with their various pops of color, can brighten up home decor. Invite a bright burst of pink tulips, or a calming hue of purple tulips, or even a soft celebration of winter with white tulips. You can mix-and-match the colors of tulips you use or fill a couple of small vases, like our Daisy Vases, with one of each color. Either way, the cheery, welcoming feel of tulips will add a bit of radiance to a window sill, a tabletop or simply spread throughout your home.

Lilies & Sweet Alyssums

Lilies are gorgeous flowers to welcome in spring as they’re often seen during spring weddings as well as with the celebration of Easter. They’re also a nice choice of flower to complement any room in your home. For a sweet arrangement with a personal touch, fill a Chalkboard China Cylinder Vase with your favorite color of lilies, add delicately scented alyssums to fill in space and write a thoughtful message on the slate finish to welcome guests into your home.

Sweet Peas, Hyacinths & Roses

For another pop of color early this spring, pair pleasingly aromatic sweet peas with bold hyacinths and roses. Choose delightful hues of white and pink or let your imagination run wild as sweet peas, hyacinths and roses all bloom in a variety of colors. Arrange these flowers in a Chalkboard China Medium Vase for a lovely Easter tabletop or you and the children can chalk on a heartfelt note for the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

What are your favorite type of flowers? Do you have an arrangement that you love putting together? We’d love to see! If so, share with us on Facebook, Twitter or see our favorites on our “Our Favorite Floral Arrangements” board on Pinterest and share your faves with us!

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