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Lot18 Experiences Travel Excursions

Imagine yourself in the beautiful Napa Valley sipping wine with a well-renowned chef, or wine tasting and bike riding with France as your back drop, or spending a relaxing few days with a group of friends at one of California’s famous vineyards. Well, what if we told you all of that doesn’t have to be in your imagination? It can be yours with exquisite, wine-and-gourmet-themed travel excursions from Lot18 Experiences!

Lot18 Experiences is the new addition of travel packages to one of our favorite websites, Lot18, which is the place to turn to access high-quality, hard-to-find wines and gourmet foods at attractive prices. With the inclusion of Experiences alongside their other irresistible offerings, Lot18 provides an open door to truly “get a taste of wine country every day.”

Speaking of what sparked the company to start offering exclusive travel opportunities for their members, Philip James, co-founder and President of Lot18, said “when people travel to wine country, they create emotional connections with the specific vineyards, wines and gourmet foods that make such a visit memorable.” He also shares the goal of Experiences is “to help our members build even more meaningful relationships with the food and wine brands they enjoy, whether it’s by traveling for a private tasting and tour of the vineyards or by visiting a nearby restaurant for a five-course dinner with a winemaker and well-known chef.”

As you can see, the Lot18 team works very hard in bringing in only the best items and selections for their members. We were truly honored when Chalkboard China was selected and featured as one of their first non-wine selections. We love the opportunities that keep popping up for Chalkboard China and Lot18 to partner. What a wonderful experience for us!

Become a member of Lot18 today and find out where Lot18 Experiences will be taking you on your next trip. Bon voyage!
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