Champagne Glass


Chalkboard China Champagne Glass

8oz Champagne Glass

Worthy of a toast to the bride and groom but also ready to salute top sales team of the year – oh! and don’t forget when the clock strikes 12 its time to do it all over again, Happy New Year! Make that occasion extra special with a celebration written in chalk on the base of this elegant champagne stem. Cheers!

Quote of the day:
“We think the clever host could avoid beverage mix-ups by writing guests’ names around the slate-finished base on the glasses. Or start a party game by writing a theme word on each glass (how about avarice, lipstick, technology?) and have guests expound on that topic for one minute. And when it gets late, simply wipe off the names or words and replace them with a simple directive — “go home,” perhaps?”

– Vicky Sanderson, Home Columnist, The Toronto Star

a note from Candace Jean:

These champagne glasses, like the wine glasses are again a way for guests to keep up with their own stem. What do we always say “Sally need never sip from Susie glass again”! Another fantastic bridal gift, great for use at wedding event. Ladies, another really great idea for these is corporate gifts, awards dinners, congratulations for a job well done. Great for company celebration dinners being about to write slogans, mottos, award details right on the stem.