Flora’s Garden


Chalkboard China Candle Collection

8 oz Chalk-friendly, hand-poured soy blend
Name game: Born as Flora Leamon, in Brilliant, Alabama and raised in a family of 9 children, Flora lived most of her young life in the deep south region of Vernon Alabama, where she grew to love gardening at a young age. It was in 1937 she met and married the love of her life. In the first few years they were married they had 2 children and lived in Alabama not far from family & home. As 12 years passed, she and hubby decided to have 2 more children and move their family just a bit southwest to the big state of Texas. While she would always call Alabama “home”, her garden was a part of “home” she knew she’d always have and though gardening was was a bit different in the Lone Star State, it didn’t take her long to discover how and create beautiful gardens in Texas soil. Flora’s gardens were full of champion Marigolds, Periwinkles, and a of course always a breathtaking display of her favorite Caladiums.

Just as she openly shared her life with others who would stop in to pay a visit and to sip a glass of her famous southern sweet tea, Flora loved to share her garden. Whether it was fresh beans, peppers, tomatoes or a flower bulb, she always offered an heirloom from her garden as she sent you on your way with a bit of her love and wisdom straight from the garden of her heart.