Blogs We (Still) Love: Apartment Therapy


If you couldn’t spot our love for them back a few months ago, we’re back to tell you how much we adore our dose of therapy. We like to think of Apartment Therapy as a manifesto filled with all types of helpful home tips. Their blog is full of D.I.Y projects, home décor inspiration and product guides that will keep you entertained for hours.

Apartment Therapy should be at the top of everyone’s go-to blog list when rethinking your home spaces, because lets face it; any ill-prepared plan to redecorate can leave us all a few screws loose.

Not only do we love Apartment Therapy for its helpful hints, but the blog is so easy to navigate even your non-tech savvy mother-in-law can find her way around the blog to revamp any room. Whether your style is  “Happy Modern” or “Classic Glam,” Apartment Therapy gives you countless examples of inspiration to fuel that inner interior decorator fire.

Here are some of our favorite posts from Apartment Therapy:

  1. Looking Inside: Organizing Kids’ Closets
  2. Re-Thinking the Gallery Wall: 10 Funky New Ideas
  3. The Best of Our 8 Décor Styles
  4. Day 14 of the January Cure: Get Papers & Files in Order
  5. And every other day from the “January Cure
We love it!