Brands We Love: Our Top 7 Brands for Back-To-School Shoppers


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Chalkboard China Our Favorite Back To School Brands

While we recently blogged about Chalkboard China being a fun, “chalkable” way to welcome the new school year, back to school shopping is another thing many families will be taking care before the first bell rings. There are the traditional brands you see every student carrying in their backpacks and messenger bags, but we know of some different brands that you should look into before you start your back to school shopping.

Your bright students will go back to school in style and you can ensure a smooth and transition getting back into the school routine with these seven brands we love:

1. Dakine

One of the first things that comes to mind when we hear the word “back to school” is backpacks! Backpacks range in size, color and shape and one of our favorite brands for reliable packs is Dakine. Not only are their backpacks sturdy and versatile, but they offer so many options when it comes to pretty patterns and cool colors. They’re just so cute (and can survive the wear and tear of a day at school)! Shop Dakine for back to school.

2. Apple

By now, Apple has become a household name providing products that any student can appreciate. This year, an iPad could be a nice addition to your college student’s study (or fun) schedule. Plus, Apple offers students a nice student discount on laptops and accessories. Shop Apple for back to school.

3. Vera Bradley

We’re obsessed with Very Bradley’s cute, patterned items and this brand provides everything a student could every need for school. Backpacks big enough to hold laptops, patterned calculators, pencils, pens, tech gear, you name it and Vera Bradley has it covered in those well-known, gorgeous patterns. See why we love this brand and shop everything available at Vera Bradley for back to school.

4. Paper Source

If your student wants the cutest of the cute in notebooks and more, Paper Source is your resource for, well, paper products! We’re loving the adorable Hedgehog Pocket Folders and darling Canning Jars File Folders. These options are so unique, too! Shop Paper Source for your back to school paper needs.

5. Staedtler

For the back to school artist in the family, Staedtler is an international brand that provides the best of the best in art supplies. Pastels, pencils, erasers and more, Staedtler gets an A+ in our book for great back to school supplies. Shop Staedtler for your talented artist today.

6. Etsy

Etsy is more than a brand, it’s an entire store changing (for the better) the way our local economies work. Etsy is the perfect place to look for unique school supplies and back to school gear. From backpacks, to folders, to dictionaries, Etsy is the place to turn to when searching for supplies no one else will have in their backpacks. Shop Etsy for all of your back to school needs.

7. Studio C

Featured on Carolina Pad, Studio C binders and school accessories are super cute and super durable. We love, love, love the Studio C Eye Candy Collection 1-inch Binder and the Studio C Hot Chocolate Collection Journal. So cute! We know your little one will definitely go back to school in style with products from Studio C.

What is your family most excited about for the new school year?

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