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Photo by stevendepolo

One thing we love about being a part of the DFW Metroplex is the plethora of talent that thrives in this area. Within the Metroplex, Dallas has Chalkboard China’s roots, but did you know our neighboring city of Arlington is home to the creator of one of our favorite brands? Yep, if you know that we’re talking about the ultra popular TOMS brand, you’re correct!

You most likely know of, have seen or own a pair (or 10) of TOMS shoes, the comfy and cute slip-ons that go with just about everything. Well, Blake Mycoskie, the Founder and CEO of this socially conscience brand which has brought about the Buy One Give One (BOGO) philosophy to a global stage, is spreading that charitable nature throughout the world and it all began in North Texas!

We love the idea of giving back to your community as it truly helps to connect people and make the world a better place. That’s why we commend the entire team behind TOMS with their huge hearts and what they have done to give back to communities and children in need. This brand also gives its consumers a way to be both philanthropic and stylish at the same, a win-win for everyone involved.

In the art community, TOMS Shoes have also become an art form with several websites dedicated to TOMS artists. TOMS has also spurred individual Etsy sellers that have turned TOMS from basic shoes into one-of-a-kind pieces of art consumers can rock on their feet (while knowing the gave back). And at Chalkboard China, we love being truly inspired and love telling everyone we know about those that inspire others. Way to go, TOMS!

Aside from the charitable nature and the creativity TOMS has sparked in others, the brand’s products have been so successful that there are now TOMS Clothing and TOMS Eyewear available. TOMS Eyewear follows the same BOGO philosophy of TOMS Shoes, but TOMS Eyewear will give children in need either prescription glasses or medical care. We know TOMS is an amazing brand to admire!

How many pairs of TOMS do you have? Have you ever put your creations to life on a pair of TOMS? If so, tell us below or show us your TOMS creations with pictures on our Facebook page! We love all things creative!

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