In The Studio: Celebrate the 4th of July with Chalkboard China


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chalkboard china fourth of july decor ideas

Fireworks, BBQs, parades and more, the Fourth of July is the best time to celebrate our nation’s freedom with the ones you love. If you’re planning a patriotic get-together this year, let Chalkboard China help you personalize this special holiday!

Below, we offer a few ideas for using Chalkboard China at your Independence Day Soiree:

1. Large Vase + Mini American Flags

Either as a centerpiece or a holder for party favors, our Chalkboard China Large Vases filled with mini American flags (which you can find at party stores or places like Amazon and Walmart) is a truly patriotic addition to your party. Fill a few of our Large Vases with mini flags and place the vases in the center of every table. Before the party begins, have the kiddos chalk on a “Happy 4th of July!” to each vase. For an added, natural touch to the centerpiece, drop in red, white and/or blue daises, if you can find them.

Or, load up a Large Vase with mini flags and place it on a table by the party entrance/exit for a take-home-gift for guests. Be sure to chalk on “Take One!” so guests know they’re party favors!

2. Daisy Vases + Sparklers

If you’re having an evening Fourth of July cocktail celebration for adults, safe fireworks like sparklers can be incorporated into the party. Fill our Chalkboard China Daisy Vases with your favorite kind of sparklers and chalk on a message like “Take One for 8 p.m.!” so guests know that everyone will need to gather around for the sparkler lighting. An additional vase, like our Medium Vase or Rectangle Vase, can be used to announce something like “The Sparkler Lighting starts at 8 p.m. in the Backyard!”

For fun Fourth of July recipes, including drinks, check out this post from Limefish Studio!

3. Charger + American Flag Fruit Cupcakes

Thanks to this beautiful and scrumptious recipe from Jessica, the blogger from Stay at Home-ista, our Chalkboard China Charger would be the perfect display for a gorgeous array of cupcakes. Chalk little drawings around the Charger’s rim like fireworks, American flags and stars and line up the cupcakes in the center. You can find the recipe for these magnificent morsels by visiting the Elegant Nest blog.

We hope these help “spark” some ideas for an irresistible Fourth of July fiesta! Tell usĀ  – what are you doing for Fourth of July this year? Do you have any traditions?

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