In The Studio: Be the Most Gabbed About Gift Giver this Wedding Season


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Chalkboard China Cylinder Vase Wedding Gift IdeaSpring wedding season is in full bloom which has the entire team at Chalkboard China buzzing around with excitement! We’re feverishly pinning our favorite wedding finds and ideas to our Pinterest boards, piecing together the perfect Chalkboard China gifts for our fabulous customers, and staying on top of this year’s biggest wedding trends through all of our favorite reads.

If you’ve got the fever of spring wedding season too, let us help you become the most gabbed about gift giver this year with unique gifts unlike any others:

1. Chalkboard China Cylinder Vase + Kitchen Utensils

Make those newlyweds immediately feel welcomed home after the honeymoon with a Chalkboard China Cylinder Vase filled with the essential cooking utensils for the kitchen. We like to turn to Williams-Sonoma or Martha Stewart for Macy’s for the best of the best in cooking utensils. And, of course, make the gift more personal with a fun message like “Cooking up a household full of love!”

2. 2 Chalkboard China Red Wine Glasses + A Bottle of Wine

A new home can’t begin without a “cheers-ing” of some sort! Our Red Wine Glasses are a sweet, sentimental gift for the newlyweds as they will never forget the first toast in their new home together. We also love turning to LOT 18 for fantastic wine choices!

2.5 2 Champagne Glasses + A Bottle of Champagne

Know the newlyweds enjoy champagne over wine? With the same gift idea as above, our Champagne Glasses paired with a bottle of their favorite bubbly make an equally fun gift after the bride and groom say “I do.” You could swap out any of our stemware pieces to complement the newlyweds’ drink of choice.

3. Chalkboard China Daisy Vases + Desktop Utensils

A creative and different gift you can give the newlyweds is something for the desk in their new home. Fill five or six of our Daisy Vases with desk top essentials like pencils, pens, Sharpies, scissors, or even chopsticks and make-up brushes. On each vase, write an encouraging word for the couple like “Together,” “Devotion,” “Love,” etc.

4. Chalkboard China Candles + Bath Salts

A relaxing bath after Wedding Day nerves and jitters may be just what the newlyweds ordered. Plus, we offer six yummy scents to choose from with our Chalkboard China Candles. For the bath salts, we recommend Volta Organics Bath Salts or Barr-Co. Fine Handmade Bath Salts, which both can be found at one of our favorite stores, Anthropologie.

5. A Bouquet of Flowers + Chalkboard China Medium Vase

We’ve talked about wedding gifts, but what about a gift for a bridal shower or engagement party? That’s where our other vases can step in. Choose from our Large Vase, Medium Vase or Rectangle Vase (you may want to decide which vase based on the size of bouquet) and piece together a memorable bouquet full of spring blooms. Fresh flowers help to symbolize the blossoming of a new, budding relationship the newlyweds will experience together for the rest of their lives. Personalize the vase with a sweet message or a lyric from one of their favorite songs.

Cheers to the newlyweds! If you’re not able to make it to the wedding, it’s easy to purchase Chalkboard China pieces and have them sent to the home. Or, if you’re unsure on exactly which piece of Chalkboard China to give, you can always give the thoughtful gift of a gift card!

What do you love about spring wedding season?

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