Score a Touchdown with Chalkboard China at your Big Game Party


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Chalkboard China Super Bowl Ideas

The month of February brings us a ton of excitement — we discover if the chills of winter will be around for much longer on Ground Hog Day, we’ve got the Big Game coming up this weekend and Valentine’s Day is exactly two weeks away! With all of these fun holidays, it’s the perfect time for all of our Happening Hostesses to let their creative party planning ideas come to life.

Speaking of the Big Game, at Chalkboard China, sporting events are always huge, especially with our studio being smack dab in the heart of Dallas, a city known for their sports teams. But, this weekend, we’re focusing on the 46th annual Championship Football Game being held in Indianapolis. We are showing you how you can use your Chalkboard China to ensure the best football game party ever!

1. Forget the wine charms!

Drinks will be served at your Game Day party, so why not serve them up with a little fun and zero confusion? Write guests’ names across the base of each Chalkboard China glass and no one will get their glass mixed up. This is also a great idea if you have guests who will be meeting each other for the first time because Chalkboard China is a great conversation starter.

2. Make your team proud.

Whether you’re rooting for the Patriots or cheering on the Giants, with Chalkboard China, you can showcase your pride on any piece from our collections. Mark up our vases with your team’s logo, write the name of your favorite player on the base of a Chalkboard China Wine Glass or Champagne Glass for a conversation starter, include an inspirational, sports-related quote around the rim of a Chalkboard China Charger, the possibilities to share your pride for your team are truly endless!

3. Score with a Chalkboard China scoreboard.

This idea will create such a buzz and is a fun activity for all at your party! All you have to do to turn your Chalkboard China into a scoreboard is set up two Rectangle Vases or Large Vases side-by-side and chalk the score as the game progresses. Since the slate on all Chalkboard China is easily erasable with a paper towel and water, it’s easy to keep up the score of the game.

4. Don’t forget the snacks!

We know our Happening Hostesses will be serving up some mouth-watering snacks that go hand-in-hand with the Big Game! If your Game Day menu calls for many different eats and treats, use Chalkboard Daisy Vases, Medium Vases or Chargers to label your snacks with a fun, football-related name like Pigskins in a Blanket for Pigs in a Blanket, Touchdown Tater Tots for Chili-Cheese Tater Tots, Punting Poppers for Jalapeno Poppers, Winning Wings for Buffalo Wings, etc.

5. Keep little ones entertained.

While the football game will be the main priority for adults, you can’t forget the kiddos! They may or may not be as into the game as your older guests and that’s where Chalkboard China can come in to save the day! Set out a few Daisy Vases or Rectangle Vases along with a basket of colored chalk and let their little imaginations run wild. This will keep everyone happy during the Big Game!

Are you hosting a Big Game party this year? If so, will you be including Chalkboard China into your party decor? We’d love to see pictures so please feel free to upload them on our Facebook wall or tweet at us during the Big Game!
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