Contest: Share your Love Story with Chalkboard China


Chalkboard China Love Story Pinterest ContestChalkboard China is on Pinterest and, much like our philosophy, we’re loving this hub for creativity and endless possibilities! (Secretly, we kind of feel the site was made for us!) We have boards set up for the beautiful things that inspire us every day, the talented people we admire, and so much more.

While Pinterest is still a new and growing site, there are so many fun aspects to it. You can Pin your favorite photo from a link, you can Repin photos from the people you’re following, you can like photos that spark your interest and you can really use it as a bookmark for all the things that influence, excite and inspire your life. (For a little lesson in Pinterest 101 so you can become a Pinterest expert in no time, makes it easy here.)

Now, see how by Pinning your “Love Story” you can win Chalkboard China!

Contest Rules:

1. Sign up for Pinterest at or, if you have a friend using Pinterest, have them invite you!

2. Once your account is set up, create a board entitled “Love Story”.

3. After your board has been created, find Chalkboard China on Pinterest here: and Repin the photo of our Honeysuckle Cylinder Vase in our “Love Story” board onto your “Love Story” board. (We’ll see that you’ve Repinned it!)

4. Then, Pin pictures from anywhere and everywhere you please (even straight from Pinterest) that shares every important piece to YOUR Love Story. Basically, you’re building a board all around what makes your love story special through your favorite pictures and you’ll have it to look back on for years to come! (Example Pins that are part of your love story: 1. Sushi Rolls 2. A Stroll in Park 3. A Stormy Night, 4. New York City, 5. A Bouquet of Flowers. etc.)

5. We’ll share all of your stories with our team and the one that steals our heart will win Chalkboard China!

Stay tuned because we will announce the winner on Valentine’s Day.

Read some of your favorite love stories and wait for yours to be added to the list!

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